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Turin and women. Small and big stories from the Middle Ages to today - Career women

"Turin and women". Section: Career women.

Archivio Storico della Città di Torino, on display from October 6, 2021 to March 31, 2022.



Mariella Caracciolo di Castagneto Agnelli

Mariella Caracciolo di Castagneto Agnelli (Florence, 1927 - Torino, 2019) She married Gianni Agnelli in Strasbourg. She worked in fashion design fields and devoted herself to the foundation of the Lingotto Art Gallery (Pinacoteca), which opened in 2002. Her passion for arts lasted throughout her life: photographer and fashion model, she was portrayed by Andy Wharol and  photographed by Clifford Coffin and Richard Avedon who nicknamed her “The swan”.

Lidia De Barberis Testa

Lidia De Barberis Testa (Torino, 1922-2005) She was manager of the well-known advertising company. In an article in 1961 she declared “I started my job with my husband fifteen years ago, just married. During the honeymoon my husband worked on his first poster for a contest…. We are not suffragette. We just want to prove that we can do a proper job. Men should realize that together we can carry out similar activities.”

Marian Taylor

Marian Taylor (New York, 1914 - Torino, 1970) married the philosopher Nicola Abbagnano in 1946 in Torino. She created the Taylor Publishing Co. and in 1961, together with other Torino business women, she founded Aidda (Businesswomen and Women-Managers’ Association). It was the Italian Branch of the Fce (Femmes chef d’entreprises mondiales); she became the president with the purpose to support the Piedmontese women entrepreneurs.



(Mostra a cura di Maura Baima, Luciana Manzo, Fulvio Peirone. Segreteria: Anna Braghieri. Progetto espositivo: Ottavio Sessa. Allestimento: Gisella Gervasio, Manuela Rondoni. Riproduzioni fotografiche: Giuseppe Toma, Enrico Vaio. Foto web: Deborah Sciamarella. Collaborazioni: Andrea D'Annibale, Massimo Francone, Omar Josè Nunez, Anna Maria Stratta. Per MuseoTorino: Caterina Calabrese, Surya Dubois Pallastrelli, Diletta Michelotto. Traduzioni: Surya Dubois Pallastrelli, Laura Zanasi).

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