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Turin and women. Small and big stories from the Middle Ages to today - Child labour and wage labour

"Turin and women". Section: Child labour and wage labour.

Archivio Storico della Città di Torino, on display from October 6, 2021 to March 31, 2022.



The scourge of child labour

In the middle of the last century the manufacture of plastic flowers marked a huge development, however, not always according to correct working rules: in the showcase an example of child labour in a flat in Turin in the fifties.

A regular job

A hard job, but a fair business management in the flower factory in Borgo San Paolo: “Flowers of all kind bloom: daisies, roses, calla-lily, may-lily: more than one million per month. They grow quickly on a ‘production line’ and are shipped to 45 countries in the world. 150 girls work in the factory”, 1958.

The factory Smat in Via Quarto dei Mille manufactured, in addition to flowers, various kinds of daily use plastic objects. Owners and employees worked together in a family atmosphere with working times and salaries in compliance with rules.




(Mostra a cura di Maura Baima, Luciana Manzo, Fulvio Peirone. Segreteria: Anna Braghieri. Progetto espositivo: Ottavio Sessa. Allestimento: Gisella Gervasio, Manuela Rondoni. Riproduzioni fotografiche: Giuseppe Toma, Enrico Vaio. Foto web: Deborah Sciamarella. Collaborazioni: Andrea D'Annibale, Massimo Francone, Omar Josè Nunez, Anna Maria Stratta. Per MuseoTorino: Caterina Calabrese, Surya Dubois Pallastrelli, Diletta Michelotto. Traduzioni: Surya Dubois Pallastrelli, Laura Zanasi).

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