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Turin and women. Small and big stories from the Middle Ages to today - Women of Resistenza

"Turin and women". Section: Women of Resistenza.

Archivio Storico della Città di Torino, on display from October 6, 2021 to March 31, 2022.



The Queen of May

Maria Josè of Savoy, Umberto II’s wife, born in Ostenda in 1906 and last Queen of Italy.  She never hid her dislike for the fascist regime and during the war she tried to negotiate with the Allies. After September 8, 1943 she moved to Switzerland where she met and helped many anti-fascist leaders. She was appointed  Honorary Citizen of Torino in 2000.

Resistenza and political commitment

Women of Resistenza prove to be of fundamental importance: they make an indispensable contribution not only for the expulsion of the Nazi-fascists and for the restoration of legality, but also for the future of liberated Italy.

Bianca Guidetti Serra (Turin, 1919-2014), graduated in Law, she joined the Communist Party and the Resistance Underground Movement. After the war she kept on giving her support to the Italian Women’s Union (Udi) and to the General Confederation of Labour (Camera del lavoro). She became a member of the City Council from 9th to 12th administrative sessions and of the Chamber of Deputies during the 10th session.

Rita Montagnana (Turin, 1895-1979). In 1917 she joined the collective protests for bread; when the fascism began she had to go into clandestinity and married Palmiro Togliatti, sharing with him a long exile in the Soviet Union. Upon her coming back to Italy she engaged in the Liberazione and in a public campaign for women’s suffrage. She was a member of the Italian Constituent Assembly and of the Italian Republican Parliament.

Fausta Giani (Castelfiorentino, 1922 - Pisa, 2004). Honorary Citizen of Torino, she was a member of the first City Council.

Camilla Ravera (Acqui Terme, 1889 - Rome, 1988). Antifascist and partisan, in 1946 she was elected to the Turin City Council and in 1948 to the Chamber of Deputies. With Ada Gobetti, they founded the Italian Women ‘s Union (Udi). She was the first woman to be awarded the Turin Honorary Citizenship (after 130 years since its foundation) and also appointed Senator for life of the Italian Republic.

Carla Voltolina (Turin, 1921 - Rome, 2005). Partisan messenger, journalist; she married Sandro Pertini in 1946; when her husband became President of the Chamber of Deputies she abandoned her job. After her husband’s election as President of the Italian Republic she decided not to live at the Quirinale.

Teresa Noce Longo (Turin, 1900 – Bologna, 1980) member of Pci (Communist Party). In 1932 she led the strike of women working in rice paddy-fields; in 1936 she engaged in the Spanish war and upon her return to Italy she was arrested and deported by the nazis. She was Luigi Longo’s wife and one of the 21 women elected to the Italian Constituent Assembly.

Vera Pagella (Turin, 1914-1998). She joined the antifascist struggle, was then elected to the City Council and from 1946 she was responsible for the Assistance and Charity Council Department.

Ada Gobetti (Turin, 1902-1968); graduated in Literature and Philosophy, she married Piero Gobetti in 1923, sharing with him political ideas and the fight against fascism. After the tragic death of her husband she joined the ranks of the Resistance; he was among the founders of the Action Party and held the role of deputy mayor in the People's Council.

Maria Giudice (Codevilla, 1880 - Rome, 1953).  She carried out her political activity in Turin as Chief of the local organization of the Italian General Confederation of Labour, the so-called ‘Camera del lavoro’. During the First World War she protested against the Italian intervention and was imprisoned several times; during the Second World War she joined the Resistance Underground Movement.

Angiola Minella (Turin, 1920-1988) partisan. She was one of the 21 women elected to the Italian Constituent Assembly.



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